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Young people want to champion a cause they believe in. Yet, they often don't know where to how to begin.

Our workshops are laser-focused on cultivating relevant skills and thinking frameworks, allowing them to achieve their goals. Designed through the years of field experience building social enterprises in rural Southeast Asia and research from thought leaders and practitioners, we present 3 workshops under our Equip Program:

   1. Societal Leadership 

   2. Building Social Enterprises

   3. Social Advocacy


Our workshops not only equip participants with future-ready skills to become advocates and changemakers, but these skills can also be utilised in their everyday life.

We believe that the independent leaders we create today will change tomorrow, creating ripple effects of change within their communities.

Societal Leadership Workshop

Lead yourself to lead others

  • Part I: Self-Leadership (3 hours)
  • Part II: Servant Leadership (3 hours)

Building Social Enterprises Workshop

Design a social project and build it towards self-sufficiency.

  • Part I: Project Design (3 weeks)

  • Part II: Social Business Innovation      (3 weeks)

Advocacy Workshop

Effectively communicate your passion through great pitching

and facilitation

  • Part I: Pitching for Good (3 hours)

  • Part II: Facilitating Behaviour Change (3 hours)

Past Workshops

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