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Future-Ready Leaders with Character

The Sustainability Sector is growing exponentially, and so are job opportunities!


Are you equipped with the relevant skills?

Based on more than 10 years of experience building social enterprises in Southeast Asia, we've collaborated with leading social innovators to bring you Local Learnings, for Global Application!


Expect lots of fast-paced, fun, hands-on activities; available as In-Person / Online Zoom Workshops, and even Mobile App-Based lessons to learn-on-the-go!

Learning Outcomes

Students will be exposed to global opportunities through the Sustainable Development Goals.

Students gain hands-on experience through Learning-By-Doing & Project-Based Learning. 

Students gain career-ready skills like empathy, creative problem-solving and presentation.

Our Portfolio Offerings



What People Say



St Francis Methodist School

The Equip program by Bamboo builders was an eye-opening experience for students.

The workshops gave students the opportunity to explore innovative ways to apply what they have learnt into tangible solutions. It was also heartening to know that this experience really struck a chord with the students as many of them chose the topic on volunteer work to write about in an English essay.

The facilitators were also excellent and ensured the program was organised and inclusive for one of our students with autism.

Truly a great program which would benefit any student!




"For a workshop that is conducted online, the structure was well thought out. Discussion questions were also open enough such that anyone can participate. Overall, it was fun and engaging workshop."

Jael CEO My Working Title


CEO, My Working Title

"The design thinking principles and explanations are sound and the coaching for the students is helpful with relevant examples. The students' thinking progress and output is enhanced with such a structure together with the intentional nurturing and challenging tone by the youth facilitators."

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