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Copyright © 2019 Bamboo Builders. All Rights Reserved. Bamboo Builders is a social enterprise working to empower individuals to create change confidently in their own community.


 What good is it, if you gain the whole world, but lose your own soul?

Get Equipped

The awesome thing about skills is that they are transferrable, wherever you go. This phase builds in you with highly-relevant skills like creative problem solving, adaptability, entrepreneurship; and mindsets, like open-mindedness and systems thinking.

Our Pedagogy

Project Design and 21st Century Skills 

Project Design

A creative problem-solving methodology used by leading companies like Apple, Google, 3M. This methodology infuses analytical thinking into the process designers use to create products that work.


Learning this methodology allows you to build creative solutions for complex, deep-rooted problems.

21st Century Skills

Based off interviews with job recruiters and months of research, we identified a list of attributes that are highly demanded by employers in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Hone these skills through our specially designed, hands-on curriculum. Experience what real out-of-classroom learning is!

Entrepreneurship For Sustainability & Personal Awareness

Entrepreneurship For Sustainability


Change happens when ideas are executed well. This Bamboo Builders methodology blends Computational and Systems Thinking, Organisational Theory, and Lean Entrepreneurship concepts together.


Learning this methodology equips you with the basic concepts to start/improve an enterprise or organisation.

Personal Awareness

It's good to want to achieve great things. However, as Sun Tze once said, if you know yourself, you will be victorious in a thousand battles. 

In this session, you examine your past and present in preparation for the future leader you will become. Many of us have gone through hardships but will you use those as lessons or burdens?

Past Workshops

13 December 2019, Friday

8.00pm - 9.00pm

Gain entrepreneurial leadership skills to facilitate learning for others.

Leadership and Facilitation Skills