What good is it, if you gain the whole world, but lose your own soul?

Get Equipped

Young people want to champion a cause they believe in. Yet, they often don’t know where or how to begin. 


Our curriculum has been rigourously developed through more than 10 years of experience building social enterprises in rural Southeast Asia. Through our workshops, participants will gain skills from 2 main pillars: Societal Leadership and  Entrepreneurial Thinking.


Some examples include Facilitation, Public Speaking, Creative Problem-Solving, and Project Management skills. Such skills not only equip them to be advocates and changemakers, but are also essential 21st Century Skills utilised in their everyday life. 


We believe that the independent leaders we create today will change tomorrow, creating ripple effects of change within their communities.

Our Pedagogy

Societal Leadership Pillar

Facilitation Module

101   Cultivating a Facilitation Mindset 

Learn how a good facilitator thinks, and why the skill is important in societal leadership. 


102   Asking Good Questions 

Learn how to ask questions that uncover our human subconscious. 


103   Opening & Closing Facilitation 

Learn how to capture participants and leave them with a memorable thought.

Public Speaking Module

101   Basics of Presentation 

Learn the 4 components of a good presentation - PASS.


102   Showmanship 

Learn how to use Showmanship to create memorable experiences.


103   Using Body Language 

Learn how to use body language to engage an audience. 

Self-Leadership Module

101   Basics of Self-Leadership 

Learn the skill of leading oneself to become a better societal leader.



102   Know Thyself 

Discover and optimise your strengths, weaknesses, and values. 

103   Developing a Life Mission 

Learn how to write a customised mission statement that will act as a compass for your life.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Project Design Module

101   Empathy

Learn how to understand problems from a human-centric perspective.


102   Synthesising Information 

Learn how to make sense of information-overload.


103   Idea Generation 

Learn how to control the idea generation process to produce refined ideas. 


104   Feasibility Analysis

Learn how to make decisions while balancing risk and reward.

Continuous Innovation Module

101   Basics of Innovation 

Understand the process of sustainable product/service innovation. 


102   Project Management Skills 

Learn tools to efficiently execute a project in a team. 


103   Assembling Resources 

Learn how to think strategically regarding resources. 


104   Coaching Others 

Learn how to sustain an organisation through mentoring.

Past Workshops