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Inquiry-based Learning 

To nurture students' voice in learning, while asking meaningful questions and using evidence to address complex problems.


Main Program




Explore is designed for people who just enjoy exploring and want an eye-opening experience into various social causes. Each segment has been meticulously planned to impact both you and the beneficiaries of the social organisations we work with.

The Explore program will be a 1-3 hours  program exploring issues related to either the environment or poverty. 


Our curriculum has been rigourously developed through more than 10 years of experience building social enterprises in rural Southeast Asia. Through our workshops, participants will gain skills from 2 main pillars: Societal Leadership and  Entrepreneurial Thinking.

The current Equip program will be a 3-6 hours program that focuses on Project Design or Public Speaking. 

Modules under the Project Design program include:

  • 101 Empathy

  • 102 Synthesising Information 

  • 103 Idea Generation

  • 104 Feasibility Analysis


Modules under the Public Speaking program include:

  • 101 Basics of Presentation

  • 102 Showmanship

  • 103 Using Body Language




Empower seeks to expose budding social entrepreneurs and serves as a starting ground for design thinking enthusiasts to ace in problem-solving.


Through teaching others and transferring your skills, knowledge and experiences, it retains and reinforces the knowledge and skills you have, enabling you to not only help the wider community but discover more about yourself in the process. 

Students will learn how to make projects , that are started in the "Equip" programme, sustainable for a long term impact, in terms of its processes, financing and manpower. 

The Empower program will be a 3-6 months program focusing on project sustainability as part of our Continuous Innovation module.




"What I took away was that there are many food items which are perfectly safe to eat because of their exterior image and appearance are discarded. Would recommend 100% because you need to experience what it is like to collect food that is about to be wasted then you can change and learn."


—  Jaryl Lim, COO/CFO of Savour!

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