Our Curriculum

Based on more than 10 years of experience in youth development throughout Southeast Asia, our curriculum brings participants on an experiential journey of values-discovery and skillset growth via community-based learning. It is also backed by more than 50 social entrepreneurs across ASEAN and supported by worldwide, evidence-based research in educational psychology and behavioural science.

True to our vision of making quality education accessible, we've launched online game-based learning, designed in consultation with leading instructional designers and industry experts. This allows online learning to continue even after classroom lessons end, resulting in powerful behaviour change.

As of Aug 2020, our curriculum produced 10 revenue-generating social enterprises, 16 social projects, and trained more than 400 young adults from 7 nations.

Our People

Our strength lies in our regional community of change makers. This allows us to produce authentic, original content from the ground that embodies the essence of a country's culture and perspectives.

Our trainers and facilitators come from this community and are hand-picked from diverse backgrounds ranging from education to engineering, with the oldest at 60, and the youngest at 20. To become a Bamboo Builders Trainer/Facilitator, they have to go through our specialised training, followed by a rigorous assessment based on a variety of metrics such as their domain knowledge, heart, and communication skills.

Bamboo Builders

Building Change Better

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Our Programs


Instill participants with social entrepreneurial skillsets, producing confident, future-ready leaders of character with a heart for the community.


Depicts economic inequality in both Singapore and Southeast Asia, challenging participants to discover their personal values.

Give participants opportunities to apply learnings through community projects in Singapore or Southeast Asia.









"What I took away was that there are many food items which are perfectly safe to eat because of their exterior image and appearance are discarded. Would recommend 100% because you need to experience what it is like to collect food that is about to be wasted then you can change and learn."


—  Jaryl Lim, COO/CFO of Savour!