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Bamboo Builders is an educational social enterprise registered with raiSE (The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise). We​ empower confident leaders to become social entrepreneurs, creating ripples of change throughout ASEAN.

We believe many young people want to create change but do not know where or how to begin. Our experiential programs expose them to Southeast Asia’s most pressing problems, equips them with 21st Century Skills, then empower them to create their own change sustainably. 

Our Story


Meet the Team

Gabriel Tan

Strategy & Programme


Shermin Liew

Finance & Operations

Winni Wong

Curriculum Innovation

Pearline Cheng Jying Ke

Business Development

& Operations

Koh Wei Yang

Business Development

& Operations

Chelsea Cheo

Business Development

& Operations

Ng Yi Xin Clarissa

Curriculum Development

Stella Lee Chaehyun

Marketing &

Business Development

Lyon Kwok Jian Hong


Qi Yixuan

Foo Shing Yee

Community Engagement & Business Development

Business Development

& Operations

Benjamin Lim

Community Engagement & Business Development

Meiko Bing

Community Engagement 

Apart from our immediate team, we would like to thank our partner organisations and volunteers

who have contributed to our cause.

We are grateful to individuals who have given us their support and encouragement. Their involvement and participation in our events and huddles are greatly appreciated and have largely contributed towards the success of our events.

We would also like to thank past interns who have dedicated their time and effort in working towards our cause. 

Bamboo Builders

Building Change Better

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Copyright © 2019 Bamboo Builders. All Rights Reserved. Bamboo Builders is a social enterprise working to empower individuals to create change confidently in their own community.