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Bamboo Builders envisions a day where every youth is able to gain access to quality education, regardless of their economic circumstance. To achieve this, we pioneer curriculums that equip and empower young adults in rural communities to build sustainable businesses that support financial needs of rural schools. Thus, in coming to school, youth gain entrepreneurial mindsets and soft-skills while earning a small wage.


Bamboo Builders has also identified that a critical first step to empowerment was to fix the paralysing “I cannot” and “I don’t know” mindsets. We developed a program that forms a core part of our curriculum and has been proven to drive personal transformation where shy, self-limiting youths become empowered community leaders. 


To date, we have trained more than 4650 young adults from 10 ASEAN countries. Some have created businesses that have in turn impacted more than 900 people.



young adults from

10 countries



social projects

across ASEAN



social enterprises,

still running today



rural jobs

This is just the beginning.

Our Regional Impact

Bamboo Builders believes that our efforts to empower youths through social entrepreneurial trainings create ripples of impact in Southeast Asia. We say this with confidence, as we have witnessed numerous souls rise up to become Changemakers in their community. 

Be it through starting a social enterprise, social project, advocating for a cause, or simply in adjusting daily habits, we are proud of our ASEAN community of Changemakers. 

Take a look at our impact across the region.







However, providing training and a supportive community is not enough. Resources such as finances, industry experience, and skilled manpower is something budding projects desperately need to survive. 

As a commitment to our Mission, 10% of profits goes to our Impact Fund dedicated to seed funding these Changemakers in starting their own social enterprises or projects.  

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