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Join us on a fulfilling experience to create change 

Pathway to Change

Many young people are pressured by society to walk the well-trodden path. Perfect GPAs, prestigious internships and a well-paying job = success. Yet, many go to work day in and day out, doing the same things for years. Pretty soon, eyes dull, smiles fade, and everyday seems the same. 

Live passionately. Work hard for something you believe in. Take that step of faith.

The Changemaker Pathway empowers passionate participants who want to contribute back to the community or invest their time in building change. We’ve specially designed this ChangeMaker program to equip you with facilitation, presentation, and public speaking skills.


Through fun, hands-on, immersive experiences, explore your cause, and get equipped in the art of advocacy and awareness raising!"


"I would recommend (facilitator/training bootcamp) as it not only improve your soft skills, you get to meet inspiring people who have the passion for social causes. If you want to be a changemaker as well, this is a good step forward to your goal."


—  Jia Jia, SMU

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