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Community Huddle

Community Huddle happen biannually, where we invite experienced individuals to provide a cross-industry sharing of best practices and skills when it comes to being a changemaker in communities. Through these sessions, Bamboo Builders also hopes to build a participative community where people from diverse backgrounds and professions can find common ground and be inspired in their passion towards alleviating the SDG Goal #1 - Poverty.

Why Huddle?


Meet Like-minded People


Glean Expert Insights


Broaden Your Knowledge

What Goes On?

Poverty - Through Social Lens

July 2020

Distinguished speakers share insightful experiences on working with the less fortunate to reduce the numbers.

Generational Poverty

March 2021

Discover how NGOs and social enterprises formed to alleviate Generational Poverty - where it is difficult to break the cycle for several generations.

Urban Poverty

October 2020

Unfold social issues that perpetuate urban poverty and how we can and must empower our youth to break the cycle.

Food Insecurity and Poverty in ASEAN

October 2021

Find out how ASEAN organizations contributed to the reduction of food insecurity and poverty, as well as how the community may help.

Situational Poverty in ASEAN

March 2022

This huddle exposes the effects of the ongoing covid-19, focusing on the sub-themes: Access to Education, Mental Wellness, and Basic Needs.

Past Huddles

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