Bamboo Builders believes that our efforts to empower youths through social entrepreneurial trainings create ripples of impact in Southeast Asia. We say this with confidence, as we have witnessed numerous souls rise up to become Changemakers in their community. 

Be it through starting a social enterprise, social project, advocating for a cause, or simply in adjusting daily habits, we are proud of our ASEAN community of Changemakers. 

However, providing training and a supportive community is not enough. Resources such as finances, industry experience, and skilled manpower is something budding projects desperately need to survive.

As a commitment to our Mission, we're donating 10% of our revenue to our Impact Fund dedicated to seed funding these Changemakers in starting their own social enterprises or projects.  

Thank you for helping us Building Change Better! 

Currently, Bamboo Builders has 3 funds that you can donate to: 

This fund covers our operations and administrative costs as we work with multiple partners throughout the region.

Bamboo Builders exists not just to alleviate a social issue we see in society while earning money. We're attempting to build systemic change. Throughout the region. 

Building systemic change requires us to go over and beyond what's necessary to just "do good" and "earn profits". It requires us to ensure social and environmental sustainability in everything we do. A simple example - We take time to mentor via facilitated reflection. This empowers Builders and transforms their life trajectory. Such life-changes would not happen if we took the easier way out and "told them what to do".

BB fund QR code

You can PayNow to UEN 53399391A or through the QR code above.

You may include your name in your donation. 



This fund covers the cost of their training program. You'll receive a letter and their personal reflection on the training program! 

Much of our work in the region is successful because of our ability to identify high potential young adults, whom we call Builders.


After our training, ~80% of them go on to start their own social enterprises/projects/lead teams in NPOs.

However, more often than not, these Builders find themselves unable to afford the costs of our training program. This leads to a waste of identified talent and ultimately, a loss of potential community impact. 

Seed fund, Builder fund QR code

You can PayNow to UEN 53399391AIMP or through the QR code above.

You may indicate 'Needy Builder Fund' in your donation, as well as include your name.


This fund covers the basic costs of investment. You'll receive quarterly updates on our social businesses started!

Businesses often need capital to start. Be it buying equipment as simple as scissors to more complex stuff like heat-sealing machines; purchasing their first stock of supplies, or materials for packaging, all these cost money. 


Seed fund, Builder fund QR code

You can PayNow to UEN 53399391AIMP or through the QR code above.

You may indicate 'Seed Capital Fund' in your donation, as well as include your name.

Open Source Needs

Big or small, your contribution means a lot to our community of budding social projects and enterprises. By sharing whatever resources you have, you may extend the lifeline of these projects. This means you can become a Changemaker too!