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Young people want to champion a cause they believe in. Yet, they often don't know where to how to begin.

Our curriculum has been rigorously developed through more than 10 years of experience building social enterprises in rural Southeast Asia. Through our workshops, participants will gain skills from 2 main pillars: Societal Leadership and Entrepreneurial Thinking.

Some examples include Facilitation, Public Speaking, Creative Problem-Solving and Project Management skills. Such skills not only equip them to be adovacates and changemakers, but are also essential 21st Century Skills utilised in their everyday life.

We believe that the independent leaders we create today will change tomorrow, creating ripple effects of change within their communities.


Cultivating Facilitation Mindset

Learn how a good facilitator thinks, and why the skill is important in societal leadership. 

Learn how to ask questions that uncover our human subconscious.

Learn how to capture participants and leave them with a memorable thought.

Asking Good Questions

Opening & Closing Facilitation

Building Social Enterprises in ASEAN

Social Entrepreneurship in ASEAN

Understand how PES factors influence social enterprises differently in different countries.

Empathy in Social Entreprenuership

Understand how empathy impacts the way we view both customers and the social issues we try to tackle.

Creative Problem Solving

Understand how to craft business ideas that solve real customer needs.

Marketing For Good

Marketing Campaign Planning - Behind the Scenes

Optimizing Marketing Metrics

Digital Branding For Social Enterprise

Learn how to employ owned, earned and paid media as part of marketing strategy. Understand ingredients of a powerful brand story. Introduction to social impact marketing.

Learn about the three common campaign objectives. Understand and apply critical factors in marketing campaign planning

Understanding metrics to measure campaign success. Learn how to optimize campaigns with A/B testing. Introduction to marketing analytics platforms.

Our Trainers

Gabriel Tan

Mr Gabriel Tan I-Ren is the Founder of Bamboo Builders, an educational social enterprise that nurtures confident leaders to change communities through social entrepreneurship. 


With 14 years of experience, Gabriel has led international teams to engage multiple stakeholders in creating systemic change. Gabriel has done both for/non-profit consulting, and was trained in Design Thinking by Tandemic, trusted by UNDP, UNICEF and Microsoft. 


A certified trainer by the Ministry of Education and CultureLink Canada on mentoring vulnerable youth, Gabriel was named Singapore’s top 35 inspiring entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by EDGE, and is finalist for the National Youth Entrepreneurship Awards by ACE. Gabriel’s most recent project involves building a vocational training centre for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs).

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