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Who is greater: The one at the table or the one who serves? 

Apply Learnings To Real Problems, Real People

Had enough of theory and textbooks? Want to have authentic experiences, stay relevant yet impact future generation and create actual changes that are not limited to Singapore? Empower is the programme for you. 

Empower seeks to expose budding social entrepreneurs and serves a a starting ground for design thinking enthusiasts to ace in problem-solving. Through teaching others and transferring your skills, knowledge and experiences, it retains and reinforces the knowledge and skills you have, enabling you to not only help the wider community but discover more about yourself in the process. 

Together with Bamboo Builder Project Leads, we will expose and nurture rural youth to become confident leaders that in time to come, will initiate change in their community. Through a 10 day program, you will guide these youth through creating community projects of their own, make international friends, and explore local haunts!

Our Mission

The Path Of The Master Builder

Undergrads will be exposed to fun, authentic immersive experiences that transforms them into socially-conscientious individuals who make a difference wherever they go. However, experience is wasted if it doesn't grow.


You've made an impact, but continuity is key for it to sustain and increase. That is why we came up with The Path of The Master Builder, to mentor passionate undergrads who want to continue investing and making a difference in the lives of a future generation of leaders. This will be helpful especially if you are considering starting your own project in the future or coordinating many people across geographical regions in your future career.

Past Trips




Open Mindsets, Equip Soft-skills

Design prototype solution with rural youth.


Build Entrepreneurial Mindsets, Personal Awareness

Build pillars for project sustainability, then launch after. 


Nurture Seniors to mentor Juniors

Seniors design prototype solution with juniors.

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