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Explore is designed for people who just enjoy exploring and want an eye-opening experience into various social causes. We have two segments: Singapore and ASEAN. Each segment has been meticulously planned to impact both you and the beneficiaries of the social organisations we work with.


Through this programme, we aim to build up young adults who will go on to become unstoppable confident changemakers, creating an impact throughout ASEAN, reaping substantial financial benefits in the long run as well.

Past Explore Trips

Local: Food Waste

Local: Poverty

Local: Household

Overseas: ( KL and Thailand Trips )


This experience helped me to understand what the poor need. It has made me realised that the issue on poverty (in Singapore) is not as simple as I thought it would be. I used to think that initiatives like donations and food banks were sufficient to help them out however after listening to their stories, I realised that there needs to be a more sustainable way that they take care of themselves other than relying on others.

..this experience will humble you and it also very interested to explore a new neighbourhood in Singapore and learning about their close knitted community

—  Jia Jia, SMU