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Building Social Enterprises

From more than 10 years of experience developing social enterprises in the region, we've put together a 4-week virtual experience to equip and empower young people in ASEAN to start social projects that would culminate in social enterprises. 

We've successfully conducted this program in rural village schools, urban schools, online, and on behalf of the Singapore government. 


Join us in this journey to kickstart your own enterprise to make an impact in the world.

Why Building Social Enterprises?

Learn Tried-and-Tested Social Entrepreneurship 


Develop New ASEAN Friendships

Gain Exclusive Access to Social Entrepreneurs from ASEAN

Gain Career-Relevant Skills and Experience

What Goes On?

Programme Outline

Online Session | Hands-on Project Activity

Conducted in international classroom setting


Social Entrepreneurship in ASEAN
Understand how PES factors influence social enterprises differently in different countries.


Empathy in Social Entrepreneurship
Understand how empathy impacts the way we view both customers and the social issues we try to tackle.


Creative Problem Solving
Understand how to craft business ideas that solve real customer needs in ASEAN. 


Final Presentation 
Learn how others have built on similarities and exploited differences to produce innovations. 


Fajris Zahrotun Nihayah


"I urge you to not hesitate because it is actually a very fun program! There are so many things that you could learn from this program and meet people from different countries - you get to know the insights of many social causes or many social problems around the world. So join in, it's very fun!"

Nattanich Lecksiwilai


"This program gives me many inspirations to initiate my own social enterprise (to help with) Thai people's livelihood.

I will definitely use Design Thinking and also (my) great experience from this program to start my own social project!"

Yit Kang Yordan


"My experience of going through the design thinking stages is going to stay with me for a long time to come. It might even colour the way I approach some of the problems that I face, the way I address or ideate problems nowadays. The process, the framework, and the learning down when it comes to thinking of solutions."

Yew Jun Huo


"I would say that it is meaningful, the experience, even though this exchange was quite short for me. It brings a lot of impact, for example, I got to collaborate with different people from different backgrounds and countries. From here, I got to learn from their perspective of looking at particular issues around the world."

Goh Si Xuan Kymberly


"It was an unexpected experience because I signed up for this without much expectations with what I was going to go into or get out of this program at the end of the day. To be quite honest, initially, I thought this program was to learn about the business aspects behind social entrepreneurship. But somehow it became creating my own social entrepreneurship project with a bunch of other teammates from the other ASEAN region. So I thought that was quite interesting that I got to network with other teammates from the ASEAN region so I thought that was quite interesting. Tt was quite fun overall, to meet like-minded people who are passionate about social issues."

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