Social Entrepreneurship in ASEAN

In 2021, we collaborate with National Youth Council on a 4-week engagement to equip youth age 19 - 35 around ASEAN countries with necessary know-how and connections and a vision that they can start eventually their own enterprise that will make a difference in people's lives. 

Why Social Entrepreneurship in ASEAN?


Learn Social Entrepreneurship 



Develop Cultural Appreciations


Gain Exclusive Access to Interact With Social Entrepreneurs from ASEAN countries

Gain Relevant Skills and Experience

Programme Outline

Online Session | Hands-on Project Activity

A total of 15 participants from Singapore, and 15 participants from other ASEAN countries will be selected to join this programme.


Social Entrepreneurship in ASEAN

Understand how PES factors influence social enterprises differently in different countries.


Empathy in Social Entrepreneurship

Understand how empathy impacts the way we view both customers and the social issues we try to tackle.


Creative Problem Solving

Understand how to craft business ideas that solve real customer needs in ASEAN. 


Final Presentation 

Learn how others have built on similarities and exploited differences to produce innovations. 



This experience helped me to understand what the poor need. It has made me realised that the issue on poverty (in Singapore) is not as simple as I thought it would be. I used to think that initiatives like donations and food banks were sufficient to help them out however after listening to their stories, I realised that there needs to be a more sustainable way that they take care of themselves other than relying on others.

..this experience will humble you and it also very interested to explore a new neighbourhood in Singapore and learning about their close knitted community

—  Jia Jia, SMU