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 Who is greater: The one at the table or the one who serves? 

/Path of the Master Builder

Make a Difference Wherever you Go

From the start, Bamboo Builders has always been about sustaining long term social impact. Embarking on the Path of the Master Builder allows you to develop yourself, while being a part of this greater vision. Imagine the exponential change we can create together if you lead a project that results in creating more and more Project Leads!


We understand the Path of the Master Builder is not for everyone. It requires commitment and heart. Yet, we promise you it’ll be a fun and fulfilling ride.


Are you ready?


Senior Builder

Project Lead

  • Design Thinking Facilitation

  • Cross-Cultural Collaboration

  • Lead Design Thinking Training

  • Managerial Cross-Country Project Coordination

  • International Networks

  • Lead Your Own Project

  • Bamboo Builder's Support

  • All Expenses Covered


Builders are participants that come with us for the first time. They are the core of what we do because they come into direct contact with the rural youth, and hence have the greatest opportunity to impact them. We look for Builders that are positive, initiative, and have a heart for the community.

Builders receive Design Thinking theory training.

Master Builders will lead students through designing their own social projects. Builders will support by facilitating group-level discussions.

Builders meet and practice on-the-ground Design Thinking.

Local and International Builders work together to create fun activities that illustrate a mindset/soft skill.

Builders engage students with pre-prepared fun activities that illustrate a mindset/soft skill.

Through the process, Builders mentor students, forming strong personal connections with them.

Builders have fun exploring local places, understanding local culture, and form life-long friendships.

Senior Builder

Senior Builders are Builders coming with us on their second trip. They are important because they have valuable experience and perspectives to share with the newer Builders.


Under the guidance of the Project Lead, Senior Builders will be exposed to cross-cultural project management, and even teach some Design Thinking sessions to Builders/students.


Upon the completion of your 2nd trip with us, you will be certified a "Master Builder". Master Builders that have shown exceptional "I Can", "I Care", and "I Contribute" values will be invited by Bamboo Builders to become Project Leads of their own projects.

Under the guidance of Project Lead, teach Design Thinking lessons to Builders/students.

Together with the Project Lead, get exposed to managing international collaborative project management.

Mentor Builders through designing and executing their fun activities that illustrate soft skills/mindsets.

Project Lead

Project Leads are Master Builders who have shown exceptional "I Can", "I Care", and "I Contribute" values through their past 2 trips with us. They are crucial for extending Bamboo Builders' reach and  impact into the rest of rural Southeast Asia.

Just as you have learnt much from the program, we too, want to learn from you.


Be empowered to run your project independently, we will support you in any way we can, and will cheer when you succeed.

Senior Builder
Project Lead
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