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Sharings from Students

Bamboo Builders Winter Trip 2017

Listen to what our students have to share about their participation in our last programme! We are looking forward to seeing them continue working on their project ideas over the next few months. 

Q1. If you have to choose an adjective to describe our last programme, what is it?

'extremely wonderful... meaningful... helped me to live life to the fullest'' 

'breaking language barriers... solidarity... gaining more love and bonds' 

'flexibility in solving problems... communication... building empathy'

'establish a student-run club... sharing with others... deploying our project ideas'

Q5. What message do you want to send to the youths like you?

'get involved... contribute to the community, small or large... create chances' 

Q2. What is the most memorable moment that you want to share with us?

Q3. What have you learnt from the program?

Q4. What is your post-program plan?

Bamboo Builders

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