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Everyone can do "something", no matter how small, to create a ripple effect that will impact real lives. 


Thank you for helping us Build Change Better! 

Bamboo Builders exists not just to create effective businesses and alleviate social issues, but to build long-term systemic change throughout the region. 

Building systemic change requires us to go above and beyond just "doing good" and "earning profits". It requires proper usage of resources and ensuring every dollar goes toward meaningful social and environmental change. Your donations give us the lifeblood to continue doing what we do.

This fund covers our operational and administrative costs as we work with multiple partners throughout the region.

BB fund QR code

You can PayNow to UEN 53399391A or through the QR code below.

You may include your name in your donation. 

BB Fund

Seed fund, Builder fund QR code

You can PayNow to UEN 53399391AIMP or through the QR code below.

Please indicate 'BB Impact Fund' in your donation, as well as your name if you wish.

Much of our work in the region is successful because of our ability to identify high potential young adults, whom we call Builders. After our training, ~80% of them go on to start their own social enterprises/projects/lead teams in NPOs.

Furthermore, the businesses we strive to create require capital to start. The simplest stationery and the most complex machines all require initial investment. All donations will go towards our programmes.


This fund covers the cost of training our Builders as well as providing the seed capital needed to jumpstart our community business projects in the region.

BB Impact Fund

Needy Builder Fund


I decided to donate to the Bamboo Builders Rural Business Fund

because I have personally worked with the Thandaunggyi students and knew how passionate they were about making their honey business work.


Finance should never be one factor that stops them from operating their business. Bamboo Builders has been really supportive by guiding the students through their business journey. They have also been very prompt in updating the donors about the students’ progress.


Thank you, Bamboo Builders for your dedication! The student would never had made it this far if not for your guidance.


—  Zeyi

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