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Explore is designed for people who just enjoy exploring and want an eye-opening experience into various social causes. We have two segments: Singapore and ASEAN. Each segment has been meticulously planned to impact both you and the beneficiaries of the social organisations we work with.


Through this programme, we aim to build up young adults who will go on to become unstoppable confident changemakers, creating an impact throughout ASEAN, reaping substantial financial benefits in the long run as well.

Past Explore Trips


Food Waste

Explore Food Waste aims to raise awareness of food waste, redirect leftover, unsellable but edible vegetables to reduce food waste in Singapore.


Explore Poverty aims to raise awareness of poverty in Singapore, change mindsets about poverty and see how entrepreneurship can empower the poor.

Urban Farms

Explore Urban Farms aims to raise awareness issues surrounding food security in Singapore and technology for environmental sustainability.


Explore Trips

Weekend trips that explore poverty-related issues across ASEAN. Meet new friends, experience new cultures and places on this short get-away! 

Previous trips include exploring Malaysia's Orang Asli and Refugee Issue, Thailand's rural education & many more...

Upcoming trips put on hold due to COVID-19

Lea Kien

Salesforce Account Executive

"I really enjoyed the end-to-end was definitely inspiring to see the smiles from all the recipients. There is still a knowledge gap in the community on how to recycle or "reuse" these not-so-beautiful food items. Education needs to start from young as well as in families so as to better redistribute the perfectly-edible food wastage to others in the community, especially the needy. I highly recommend this eye-opening experience to everyone who wants to get a glimpse into the food wastage issue in Singapore."

Ng Ying


"It's not often that we get to hear stories and have conversations with people from another socio-economic background within an open and comfortable space. The tour guide we had was very friendly and open to share as well, adding on to our learnings from the journey."

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