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Our Pedagogy

Our pedagogy first employs curiosity as a guide to experiential knowledge. The sense of wonder and adventure is then guided by and internalised by what it means to be human. Lastly, participants will act on their newfound beliefs, which solidifies it as a part of their psyche. 


This works because knowledge doesn't just stop at the Head, but is internalised by the Heart, and finally,  acted upon by the Hands. 


Our pedagogy revolves around the Head, Heart, Hands approach. The Head, Heart, Hands approach aims to change and expand the worldview of our participants through a transformative learning experience (Singleton, 2015).

Our pedagogy can be summed up in "Hi-Hi-Hi":




Broaden the mind using Systems Thinking. 




Evoke empathy through our common humanity.




Multi-sensory experience through applied learning.

Head” begins as our participants undergo our “Explore” programs. Our programs are designed to expose them to new perspectives on Poverty and the Environment.

Through guided facilitation, participants are provided opportunities for reflection, creating meaning from experience. 

“Heart” is evoked post-reflection, as participants deepen their understanding and empathy for their communities. This prompts them into feeling a drive to better their communities. 

“Hands” occurs as participants will pick up social entrepreneurship mindsets and skill sets via the creative problem-solving methodology Design Thinking during our "Equip".

Through guided facilitation, Participants are able to apply their learned concepts as they work on a social project concurrently.

Based on the MOE National Digital Literacy Program "Find, Think, Apply, Create" Framework,  our program is structured to the following:


Gather quality information securely and ethically


Interpret data to critically solve problems


Learn and apply software for ideation


Collaborate online to produce prototype


Execute plans

Future - Ready Learners with Character

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