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Join our Telegram group for updates on our latest programs, as well as be inspired by like-minded individuals who are working to change their community through social entrepreneurship.

Our Telegram Community

A 6-12 months stint of fun and growth with our team in Marketing, Curriculum Dev, Operations or Business Dev.





For a more flexible arrangement, join our team and events on an ad-hoc or project basis.

Be a participant in our changemaker program to be qualified to facilitate and conduct our workshops.






  • Manage social media: track marketing KPIs, design our collaterals, gather insights etc.

  • Content Creation

  • Website Optimization

Curriculum Development

  • Research & design our fun, and engaging curriculum

  • Maintain curriculum by engaging Trainers on feedback


  • Planning, coordinating and executing events

  • Assist with admin-related matters

  • Create & streamline processes to increase overall efficiency

Business Development

  • Assist in coordinating
    projects with local & overseas partners


  • Sales decks/collaterals for new clients

  • Application for grants



Want to contribute to our social cause but unable to commit to the internship period? 

Volunteer with us in a variety of ways! You can choose to commit in a short term of 1 to 3 months.


Here are some broad categories that we periodically need volunteers:

Video Editors

Experience in video editing is preferred, but not required


Some web design experience or knowledge is preferred.


Designing of marketing collaterals. Some form of design experience is preferred.

If you have any other skill that you think would be useful, and would like to volunteer with us, drop us a message to let us know!



Become a Changemaker

Many young people are pressured by society to walk the well-trodden path. Perfect GPAs, prestigious internships and a well-paying job = success. Yet, many go to work day in and day out, doing the same things for years. Pretty soon, eyes dull, smiles fade, and everyday seems the same. 

Live passionately. Work hard for something you believe in. Take that step of faith.

The Changemaker Pathway empowers passionate participants who want to contribute back to the community or invest their time in building change. We’ve specially designed this Changemaker program to equip you with facilitation, presentation, and public speaking skills.


Through fun, hands-on, immersive experiences, explore your cause, and get equipped in the art of advocacy and awareness raising!"


Q:  How do you think you have grown through BB?

I have grown to value personal growth. In my time with BB, not only have I learnt to identify my strengths and weakness, I am given opportunities to improve my strengths and work on weaknesses. Self confidence, work ethic and time management are some of the soft skills I gained whilst interning at BB. It’s honestly pretty hard to not grow in such a nurturing environment.


Q: What do you think is your proudest accomplishment in BB?

Turning our marketing data tracking into actionables! It was a lot of trial and error but after months of tracking our performance and trying to analyse patterns, we could see what led to growth and what didn’t!

Wei Yang

Q: What is your favorite memory from my time with BB? 

It will be the physical dinners we have when we gather as a department team (Business Development)! Even it gets hectic at times due to juggling between school and CCAs, but the journey and the value of knowing you have people caring for you in this startup makes my experience working here enjoyable and fruitful!

Jia Jia

Q: How do you think you have grown through BB?

I have learnt more about my strengths and weaknesses in being a social advocate. After being surrounded by hardworking and passionate people that want to make changes, I realise that even though I alone might not make significant changes. But I am capable of impacting those around me. Meanwhile, I realised that I can improve more on being proactive in trying to inspire others to make positive changes.


Q: What is your favorite memory from your time with BB?

My favourite memory from BB would be working together with the other interns towards a common goal we set during my research or planning for the community activities and the community huddle. I got to learn so much from other experienced interns and at the same time ‘suffer’ together with the new intern and learn a lot and created a bond between us.

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